Duke Nukem Forever Delayed

In line with tradition and legend, Duke is still preparing for his long awaited come back. 
Due to be finally released internationally on May 6th, it seems that a little more work is still in order before the gum chewing hero hits our screens again. 

There's no information at the moment as to what they're still working on, but we can only hope that the game will be more than a lot of the generic shooters already available to us. Replacing nostalgia with something better isn't an easy thing.

Dukes new release date is June 10th internationally, this year... we hope, as shown in this very special message from Gearbox Software:

In case you didn't know, Duke Nukem Forever has been in development since 1997, 14 years.
Duke Nukem Forever has been through many changes in that time, so the outcome of the game is still unknown until we get some real reviews or our own hands on the game.

For a good look at the stages of development Duke Nukem Forever has gone through over time, the best place to look is: The List.


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