Tweak Crysis 2 Options Without .ini Files

If you're a buyer of Crytek's newest release, Crysis 2, you might have felt a little let down by the lack of options when it came to optimising your graphics.

For a lot of people, this one size fits all graphics interface meant fiddling about with the .ini files to get their preferred set up, but no more!

A guy over at the forums called wasdie has created a helpful little tool which makes the process a lot easier, though still a far cry(sis) from what should already be in-game (sorry). The tool, and further instructions can be found here.

Remember to spread the word if the tool is of any help to you!

Sunday edit: According to some sources, the game will get DirectX 11 support and advanced graphics options in-game in a patch tomorrow. There has been no official press release yet, but you can read more here.

The DirectX 11 patch has now been debunked.


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