Minecraft Marathon for Japan Aid

If the notion of donating through Team Fortress 2 isn't for you, then perhaps this might pique your interest!

Right now over at Extralives.org, a Minecraft marathon is in progress with the goal of raising donations for Internation Medical Corps, an organisation dedicated to saving lives and responding to tsunami affected countries.

There is apparently no set end time for the marathon, but the stream is said to be lasting around 36 hours.

If you want to play on the server where the marathon is taking place, which as I write, has nearly 400 viewers, all you have to do is donate $20 (£12) and you can play for three hours. You can donate more to play longer!

If you can't tune into the marathon but are still thinking of donating, the marathon is being recorded, so you won't miss out!

A repeated argument I see about this type of fund raising is that they should be helping physically instead of playing games - having started today and already made nearly $3,000.00 for the relief fund, I'd say they are proving it's well worth it.

Click here to watch the stream!


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