How Gamers Helped Aid Japan

On Friday the 11th of March this year, Japan was struck by a magnitude 9 earthquake and the after effects, needless to say, were extremely destructive. This date marked one of the greatest natural disasters in history. In an effort to support those affected by the devastation, a few game developers set up a way for you to donate through your favourite games.

Having a look back, I wondered how much those games raised to aid Japan because of gamers who wanted to help, and if there were any other games I missed out on - the results were impressive!

Team Fortress 2 players managed to raise $430,543.65 in the space of two weeks through buying unique hats that Valve put on sale for that time. There were three hats in total, all limited edition! hosted a 37 hour Minecraft marathon that they put together very quickly in an effort to raise money as soon as possible. They managed to raise $9,099.33 through their stream and offering people slots on the server they were playing on.

Over 50,000 summoners participated in Riot games efforts, raising over $160,000 through the purchase of  the champion Akali and her nurse skin in League of Legends.

Play for Japan have raised money in a slightly different way, but are still very worth a mention.  As of the 28/4/2011 they've raised $116,941 by auctioning rare and unique gaming items, usually signed by game devs too. My favourite item sold has to be the Guitar played by Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka.

There have probably been even more cases of gamers or game developers raising money for the cause, if you find any, feel free to add them in comments. Remember, never let anyone tell you games never helped anyone!


  1. Abletonian said...:

    Like the blog style man!

    And also, gamers are always nice people. Most gaming companies see it as a way to lift themselves out of the metaphorical gutter (of violence) for a while. I'm not putting it down though. Good efforts all round.

  1. BigSkull said...:

    Akali in LoL <3

  1. NoXous said...:

    Pretty cool and creative ways to donate money imo.

  1. SkipHopz said...:

    yo I went to a local street fighter tourney where the entry fee was donated. I think the amount raised was really small but whatever, I did my part.

  1. Alexis said...:

    That's fantastic, what a great way to raise money for a worthy cause

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