Portal 2 Soundboard

It's pretty early in the year but so far I can easily say that Portal 2 is probably near the top of my list of  'Awesome games', it's hard to deny how fun the game-play and characters are. However, if you haven't played it... Stop looking at this and go play it. This contains spoilers.

More importantly though, if you've been longing for the ramblings of Wheatly, Cave Johnson or any of the characters, look no further.

This Portal 2 soundboard is a collection of lines from the game files - even some you didn't hear in the game! Again, if you haven't played the game, don't click the link. Go play it first!


Trailer for fun:


  1. CPH said...:

    This game is fantastic!

  1. Michael said...:

    Closest blog I've seen to mine. Great stuff!

  1. Thrumulo said...:

    Can't wait to get portal2... seems like I am the only person without it.

  1. Thrumulo said...:

    Cant wait to get portal 2... Seems like im the only person that doesnt have it.

  1. kokocola said...:

    Makes me a little sad when I check steam and I've logged over 70 hours of portal 2 and less than 5 hours of the first portal..

  1. Spartan094 said...:

    Soundboard is awesome, thanks for sharing!

  1. Portal is such a great game!

  1. Gaston said...:

    this game looks amazing. buying it.

  1. //Love said...:

    Awesome game

  1. derekjay said...:

    I'm looking forward to playing this!

  1. goat-on-a-stik said...:

    how funny, these are so entertaining to play with. especially on voice chat servers

  1. Tomas.G said...:

    Looks like a cool game.

  1. Pan-man said...:

    This game is amazing! i played and is perfect :D

  1. Gaston said...:

    Have not bought it yet. I"m failing, I'll do so as soon as possible.

  1. Andre said...:

    hahahha cooooool Space? SPACE! I love it
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  1. Anonymous said...:

    Awesome game.

  1. George said...:

    This game is AMAZING! Also following you for more interesting stuff. ;]

  1. MB said...:

    that's a one awesome game, they ended series spectaculary

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