New Vegas: Malcolm the Molerat

Yes, that is a Molerat with a lawn chair attached to it's back, and yes, you can ride it. His name is Malcolm.

I wasn't really planning to post a lot about mods on this blog, with just the Fallout games and Oblivion alone, there is a metric ton of them. Plenty I've used myself too. But this one looked extra special!

Getting around the Mojave Desert can be a pain in the ass, that's where Malcolm comes in to help. He can be ordered around, carry your stuff and mostly importantly, used as a mount at 150% of your normal speed. Wow the ladies today!

You can find more screenshots here.

Also, bonus funny Fallout: New Vegas video:


  1. CPH said...:

    New Vegas is spectacular! Seriously!

  1. Gaston said...:

    Agreed, New Vegas is the sh*t.

  1. AiShika said...:

    I never liked Fallout, i guess it's because of the fact that im a graphics suck up, so the perfect game for me is Crysis 2, and only for Xbox.

  1. Triper said...:

    I know this game is old, but i must say i see this first time. Thanks for video, i would like to play this soon!

  1. rea0503 said...:

    New Vegas for the PC is great since you can get all sorts of mods and stuff that expand its playing value (not that there is any lack thereof). Can't wait for TES: Skyrim to come out!

  1. Palkom said...:

    i friggin love New Vegas, as i do fallout 3! Please follow my blog, if you want, it was removed for some reason and i lost all my followers, including you...

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