A Look At L.A. Noire

If you're a fan of any of the Grand Theft Auto games, or in fact any of Rockstar's popular games, there's no doubt you've heard about L.A. Noire. In the past couple days I've seen some sneak peeks popping up all over, so I thought I would throw one here.

First thing I should say is, the video I'm going to post will have spoilers in it, so don't click it if you don't want that.

Sadly, L.A Noire is still console only, so if you're a PC Gamer like me, bad luck! However, with the development of this new engine, perhaps we'll see something coming to the PC, maybe even some of the older GTA games ported to the new engine... But that's just a thought. I'd love to see Vice City in this engine.

Overall, I just hope it comes to the PC at some point. It looks like it was a little stripped down for consoles looking at this Reddit post:
gripes23q: I know a guy who has worked on the game. He said they had to strip a lot of the facial animation data out to get it to fit on a disc for consoles and to avoid memory limits. In much the same way you have texture memory you also have animation memory, too much animation data constantly would slow the game down.
From what I recall he said the unstripped versions looked a lot better as you'd expect.
The game is coming this month (May), so look out for it if you're a console gamer.
I've replaced the video about 3 times now, since it keeps being taken off of Youtube. But this could be a more permanent link if the video below has been taken down again.


  1. Looking good. Rockstar really knows how to please the masses.

  1. CPH said...:

    I really want to get a console.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Very meaty, very lengthy (took them about 30 hours to finish the main story, and took them around 40ish to complete everything)
    Very cinematic, takes many cues from LA Confidential they said. Also according to a reviewer "A game that bridges cinema and the gaming universe." Motion Scan is the highlight for them, and the feeling of actually being a detective. They said no game comes close to the experience that they had with L.A Noire.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I heard this game took like 4 years to make

    I bet its so good

  1. 1HipHopBlog said...:

    This looks like an amazing game! Can't wait!

  1. kobosei said...:

    I'm so gettin this game now!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Too bad I don't have a Xbox 360 or PS3 because it looks sick!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Need to get a console :|

  1. Gaston said...:

    I really rreally need to get a console too :D
    Sup CPH.

  1. i find it quite disappointing that they stripped the facial animations just to 'save memory'. Maybe the PC version will have them?

  1. thanks for sharing this game, i will for sure check it out later

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  1. RageCompeX said...:

    oh thx for that video, didn't catch that one yet

  1. //Love said...:

    How I will buy this to my 360

  1. Lealeepo said...:

    The graphics are amazing. It's like an interactive movie! This one is mine!

  1. Wazabiii said...:

    This looks legit, when is it coming out in Europe?
    Great blog btw, following

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