Portal 2 Authoring Tools

Another Portal 2 related post so soon, sorry! But this is an interesting development. If you've ever played with the hammer editor for Team Fortress 2, you might recognise this screenshot. 

These are the tools that Valve used to create Portal 2 and they're now available to everyone who has Portal 2 on Steam. The one thing I was slightly worried about in Portal 2 was the re-playability, especially in co-op. I have a few friends I wanted to play the game with, but after playing through co-op once or twice the puzzles are engraved into my mind, and there's no fun or challenge in waiting for someone else to figure them out while you sit around with your thumb up your ass.

So, we can make our own Portal 2 levels? So what? While Hammer is unfortunately hard to learn, we'll see community content now - some that will hopefully dwarf the campaign content in quality. In other words, replay value, especially if we can co-op user created maps.

Valve official post: here.


  1. Lealeepo said...:

    Our own portal 2 levels? That would be an amazing thing I'd really like to see. Thanks for sharing the information.

  1. This is the best news today so far!

  1. Tomas.G said...:

    That would be sweet.

  1. //Love said...:

    How great it will be once the badass modders get done with their levels.

  1. CPH said...:

    Great blog! Enjoyable read!

  1. Spartan094 said...:

    I've done some hammer editing with L4D, it was pretty fun actually.

  1. Will said...:

    Can't wait to get my hands on this editor.

  1. Ketomaster said...:

    Oh that's pretty awesome. I bet somebody's going to create some crazy difficult levels to complete.

  1. Pan-man said...:

    Yay! Must be awesome :D

  1. west said...:

    wow cool.. very insightful for 3d modelers. keep it up

  1. RageCompeX said...:

    sorry, im ps3 fag...cant edit stuff

  1. Palkom said...:

    I'm really looking forward to seeing how this turns out!

  1. Triper said...:

    Great news, i'm going to do my own levels! thanks for share.

  1. Mike said...:

    Oh wow... this should become a serious, serious deal

  1. rea0503 said...:

    Its like LBP only that better, since its Portal.

  1. Spartan094 said...:

    I used the Hammer editor for L4D, it was really easy and a lot of fun!

  1. PLPDPogo said...:

    So amped for P2!!!

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